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We believe that there should be no bar to entry into the Metaverse, your platform shouldn't limit that either.

With canVERSE up to 64 players are seamlessly connected across desktop, AR & VR, with voice-chat, all in realtime.

Whilst at heart canVERSE aims to host really good looking table-top games, its true purpose is to connect friends and communities globally in an immersive, totally interoperable shared environment.


We’ve created a place where you can flex your NFT collection. With the power of Web3 and canVERSE you can play with NFTs you’ve bought from other projects. All blockchain verified, so you can compare collections with other players.

With an ever-expanding network of partners, we’re creating custom 3D models and in-game pieces.

Allowing players to capture cats, smash skulls, and scuttle spaceships with bespoke game pieces, each enabled when you own a partner’s NFT.


Next Model

For the canVERSE Metaverse, we have designed and generated 10,000 unique and complex NFT Chess Sets.

As a NFT Chess Set owner you will also be rewarded with future NFTs and in-game content as canVERSE grows. Become a founding member of the community!

Next NFT


Whether you prefer a classically stylised unit of ornate and timeless pieces, or would rather checkmate your opponent with the sleekest of hyper-modern pieces.

Each Chess Set NFT will not only include a totally unique set of pieces that you can play with, you’ll also unlock your NFTs environment and board. The Chess Set NFT will also entitle you to a Premium board and piece set, of which there are 4 to collect.


The canVERSE team has an incredible wealth of experience within the gaming industry, creating interactive experiences and cutting-edge development.

Picture of a chess piece

Charlie Hasdell


Over 20 years of game design and development expertise.

Picture of a chess piece

Barn Cleave


18 years of creating video games that have been played by millions.

Picture of a chess piece

Virgilio Solis


Tech lead based in Costa Rica with over 12 years of experience.

Your turn.


Each canVERSE NFT grants access to one premium Chess set and one premium board. The Chess sets and boards can be:

The Chess sets and boards mix and match, so you could get an Antique Chess sets with a Steampunk board.

  • Antique
  • Marble
  • Metal
  • Steampunk

In addition to the NFT set and the Premium set you will also be awarded access to 1 of 3 environments. Buzludzha, Modern Chalet & Steampunk City. Each environment also has multiple areas you can play in.

    An NFT or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital asset with a distinct signature used to verify ownership of said asset. These token signatures are held on the blockchain which is used to authenticate them.

    canVERSE is a development studio creating World Space applications that work across Desktop, Mobile, Augmented & Virtual Reality. Based globally, canVERSE is focused on providing industry leading World Space experiences.

    The minting of all canVERSE NFTs will take place on this site only, if you encounter any other site offering canVERSE linked mint, please inform a Discord moderator.

    Once you have minted a canVERSE NFT you will be entitled to exclusive community roles, immediate WL and pre-sale access for future NFTs and NFT owner only giveaways for other canVERSE NFT drops. For a full list, visit our Discord.